Disinfectant DP-2T

Chlorine disinfectant tablet
based on trichloroisocyanuric acid.

Means "DP-2T" is intended for disinfection of surfaces (by means of wiping and irrigation) in rooms, rigid furniture, sanitary equipment, linen, dishes, toys, patient care items, medical products, cleaning equipment for bacterial infections (including tuberculosis), viral and fungal (candidiasis, dermatophytosis) etiology in medical institutions, children's institutions (final disinfection), at communal facilities and catering establishments.

Antimicrobial action:
With regard to gram-negative and gram-positive (including mycobacterium tuberculosis) bateria, viruses (polio test virus type 1) and fungi of the genera Candida and Trichophyton.

№RU.Е.008421.09.14 от 29.09.2014
ТУ № 9392-015-05807983-99

Net weight:
Weight of 1 tablet:
Active chlorine mass:
Shelf life:
Shelf life of working solutions:

1 kg
5 g
3 year
1 day

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