One of the key manufacturers of the chemical industry in the Russian Federation. Included in the list of strategic organizations of the Altai Territory.


Main directions of activity:

The products of the chemical plant are of high quality, are used in many industries and are supplied to all regions of our country, near and far abroad.


Organosilicon compounds and silicone oils

Chemical reagents and additives for the oil production and oil refining industry


Other chemical products for various purposes


We use modern equipment with automatic lines, which excludes the possibility of error and interference of the "human factor" and is a guarantee of safety and quality of finished products.

Quality control

The quality control department carries out operational control of raw materials and finished products at all stages of production. All formulations meet the requirements of modern technical regulations.
We strictly adhere to storage standards and provide timely delivery of goods throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and beyond.

Storage and shipment

About us

High quality is ensured by modern equipment, a powerful production base, qualified personnel, as well as vast experience in the market of consumers of chemical products.

For merits in the development of the national economy and increasing the efficiency of the country "Altay Chemical Plant" in 1981 was awarded one of the highest orders of the USSR -
Order of the Red Banner of Labor.
Certificate of Conformity ISO 9001: 2015
License for the operation of explosive, fire hazardous and chemically hazardous industrial facilities of I, II and III hazard classes
License to carry out loading and unloading activities in relation to dangerous goods in transport
License to manufacture medicinal products
License to carry out activities for the neutralization of waste of III, IV hazard classes
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Sales department
Production cort
Sales department

620026, Russia, Yekaterinburg, Rosa Luxemburg st., 49
Tel .: +7 800 444-71-72

Commercial Director
Elena Borisovna Suvorova

Petrochemicals and organosilicon
Evgeny Vyacheslavovich Enkov
Tel .: +7 958 134 46 87

Disinfectants and medicines
Alexander Vasilievich Varnin
Tel .: +7 912 228 88 91

Production cort

658837, Russia, Altay Territory, Yarovoe, Predzavodskaya sq., 2
Tel .: +7 800 444-71-72

Head Secretary
Larisa Yurievna Filipushko
Tel .: +7 (38568) 2-08-98
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