DiEticons SiA AChe

DiEticons are a mixture of linear polyhomologs with an admixture of cyclic compounds [(C2H5) 2SiO] n and branched oligomers.

Low surface tension allows DiEticon to spread easily over the skin and hair. Acts as a lubricant and remover.

DiEticons combine effective emollient, moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant properties. They make the skin elastic, more dense and soft than after treatment with polydimethylsiloxanes of the same viscosity level.

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Differences between DiEticones (PolydiEthylSiloxanes) and DiMetikones (PolydiMethylSiloxanes)
DiEticon Properties
- for many years, DiMetikones have been used in many formulations, but their inability to dissolve in various surfactants, emollients, oils and waxes often causes problems with the formulations;

- DiEticons, have a significant advantage in the ability to solubilize a much wider range of organic compounds such as hydrocarbons, esters, waxes, oils and surfactants;

- DiEticones, known as hybrid silicone polymers, have excellent flow and gas permeability like dimethicones;

- Low surface tension allows DiEticones to spread more easily over hair and skin, acting as a lubricant and anti-stick agent, increasing lubricity. DiEticons act as tackifiers and provide a dry and silky feel with additional cushioning in most formulations, depending on the available molecular weight;

- DiEticons provide more than conventional silicone "glide". They give a softening, non-greasy feeling, a silky dry feeling is softer than traditional DiMetikones of the same viscosity;

- additional advantages of DiEticons when caring for the sun are that they create a hydrophobic barrier (while being washed off), while maintaining vapor permeability, which leads to a more comfortable feeling. DiEticons are inert and chemically stable, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing;

- DiEticones have a much broader organic compatibility than Dimethicones with common raw materials used in sunscreens, including hydrocarbons, esters, waxes and sunscreens;

- the wetting properties were assessed by preparing crushed pigments in DiEticon and DiMetikon of equal viscosity. A solvent binder with better moisture will be more effective in displacing adsorbed gases from pigment surfaces. This, in turn, will result in lower viscosity grinding. The finished forms of dispersions of inorganic pigments modified with silane and siloxane with Dieticones have a significantly lower viscosity. In addition, Dieticons moisturize pigments well when formulating color cosmetics.
DiEticons are globally accepted by the cosmetic industry.
These hybrid silicone polymers are highly soluble and have a high refractive index. DiEticons are recognized all over the world and are pre-registered in REACN, the European Community Regulation on Chemicals and Their Safe Use.

Altay Chemical Plant, a manufacturer of PolyEthylSiloxane fluids and organometallic compounds, has made several hybrid silicones available for the domestic market. Such hybrid silicones are DiEticons AChe8, AChe15, AChe45, AChe300.

These four pharmaceutical grade alternatives to traditional silicones offer improved performance and stability. An additional advantage is that these hybrid silicone polymers have a linear chemical composition.

The most popular is SiA AChe15 (polydiethylsiloxane), as it is soluble in everything except castor oil. It provides high slip, great flow and increased silkiness in many formulations.

A small amount of DiEticon is helpful in sunscreens to reduce the protective layer when using UV filters such as octocrylene.

Currently, polydiethylsiloxane is a part of:
- Histoire Naturelle Lactobacillus Lotion,
- Clinique Spf50 Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for Face,
- Clinique Pep-Start Daily Uv Protector Spf 50,
- Darphin Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield Broad Spectrum Spf 50,
- Revuele Bioactive Collagen Elastin Serum, and many other cosmetics.
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