Drag reducing agent ForeFTA

An anti-turbulent additive is an agent that reduces flow resistance and increases pipeline throughput by reducing turbulence and increasing laminar flow. ForeFTA PTP is made of high molecular weight polymers and can be freely exported to all countries of the world.

The company's specialists have developed and patented a unique technology that has made it possible to create effective supplements of world quality at an affordable price. Practical tests have proven that even a minimal amount of reagent (5-35 g / t) significantly increases the productivity of individual sections and the system as a whole, reducing capital and operating costs for the transportation of raw materials and finished products.

Quality standard: TU 2458-002-10022712-2015
Mass fraction of insoluble residue: 28-35%
Freezing point: not higher than -50 ° С


• increasing the productivity of the pipeline;
• improving the energy efficiency of production processes;
• reducing the cost of building new pipelines and additional pumping stations;
• reduction of excess pressure;
• reduction of accidents.


does not change the physical and chemical characteristics of oil, gas condensate and products of their processing; does not adsorb on the surface of the pipeline;
has no negative effect on the operation of heating furnaces;
does not affect the processes of preparation of oil emulsions;
can be used in conjunction with oilfield reagents.


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