Imidazoline ForeIMA

Imidazoline is a cationic surfactant based on natural oils and amines. The molecules of the substance form a thin film on the surface, making its potential more positive. At the same time, the rate of corrosion slows down or stops at all. Reduces the corrosiveness of oil, dissolves well in a corrosive environment. Does not pollute the metal surface and does not have a destructive effect on it.

Density at 20C, g / cm3: 0.95-1.03
Appearance: homogeneous viscous liquid from light yellow to brown
Mass fraction of active base: not less than 98%
Viscosity at -40C: no more than 500 mm/s
Amine number: 155-210 mg KOH/g


• a component of highly effective corrosion inhibitors;
• a component that changes the rheological properties of fluids;
• additive to road bitumen to improve their adhesion to acidic rocks;
• component of detergents, disinfectants;
• antistatic and fabric softener in the textile industry;
• emulsifier for various chemical environments;
• in compositions for the hydrophobization of concrete, wood;
• in paints, allows to improve the adhesion of paints even to wet surfaces.


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